Laves Scholarship

The 2024 Laves Scholarship grantees have now been announced. They are:

  • Shubo Li from Australian National University for 'Prominence patterns in Nakanamanga'

The Gerhardt Laves Scholarship assists honours or postgraduate research students enrolled at an Australian University who are undertaking linguistic fieldwork on an indigenous language of Australia or its immediate region as part of their research towards an Honours or postgraduate research degree by providing a research grant towards their fieldwork expenses. The Scholarship contributes up to around $5000 towards fieldwork expenses. Funds are normally expected to be fully expended within the year of award of the scholarship unless an alternative arrangement is approved by ALS. Unsuccessful applicants for the Laves Scholarship will be automatically considered in the general grants round.

Assessment Criteria

Applicants should apply by completing the online application form. 

The ALS Executive will assess Laves Scholarship applications against the following criteria.

A. Is the project feasible? What approvals, expertise, and resources are required to complete the project within the timeframe specified?

B. Given the research opportunities available to the applicant(s), is there evidence that the applicant(s) will bring the project to successful completion within a reasonable timeframe?

C. Will the proposed research be cost-effective and value for money?

D. What is the potential time period when the research could be undertaken?

E. The potential for the applicant(s) to obtain funding from other sources.


Successful applicants will be required to sign a contract with ALS. This contract will set out the research to be undertaken and the funds supplied by ALS. Grantees will be required to:

A. Account for all expenditure.

B. Provide copies of receipts for all expenditure.

C. Provide a final report describing the research undertaken and the results of this research.

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