Barb Kelly Prize

In honour of the late Barb Kelly, the annual Barb Kelly Prize recognises the most outstanding PhD or MA (Research) thesis in linguistics, complementing the more specific focus of the Michael Clyne Prize. The thesis must have been passed or the degree awarded at an Australian university in the previous year.

The winner will be awarded a $1,000 cash prize and a contribution of up to $500 to cover costs (e.g. travel, accommodation, conference registration) for the recipient to attend the annual ALS conference to present a paper on their thesis research. The recipient will be guaranteed a place in the program at the conference. A summary of the thesis will be published in newsletters of both associations when the award is announced. The winner will be announced at the AGM of the society.

Application procedure

Please apply by completing the online application form. Check the box 'I'm a student' in the form, and complete the relevant fields, as well as fields on the following page. For year of enrolment put 'completed'. In addition to completing the online form, applicants must upload the following documents:

(i) a pdf copy of the thesis

(ii) a pdf copy of the examiners' reports

The prize will not be awarded in a given year if none of the applicants reaches a suitable standard (as determined by the panel).


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