Susan Kaldor Scholarship


    1. Eligibility

    Applicants will be currently enrolled students at an Australian University undertaking an Honours or postgraduate research degree.

    2. Application

    In addition to the online application form, please submit the following with your application:

    (i) A recommendation from your principal supervisor

    (ii) A 1-2 page statement as to how attendance will inform your research

    (iii) A summary as to whether alternate funding options are available, and if so what these funding options are, whether you have applied for them, and the stage at which those application have reached.

    (iii) A budget

    3. Budget

    Please provide an estimate of overall costs, using the table below. Add additional items if required. (The text in the amounts and notes columns is just an example, please type over.)


    Amount (AUD)


    Registration fees



    Flights to venue


    Melbourne to London return

    Other travel to venue


    Train London to Manchester return



    5 nights at $130pn




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