Kaldor Scholarship

The 2021 Kaldor Scholarship grantees have now been announced. They are:

  • Agnieszka Faron from The University of Queensland for 'Trilingual Family Language Policy in Australia: a study of language attitudes, strategies and practices'
  • Eleanor Yacopetti from The University of Western Australia for 'Bininj Kunwok Language Course'

1. Eligibility

Applicants should be currently enrolled students at an Australian University undertaking an Honours or postgraduate research degree.

Note: For the 2021 scholarship round, you must include in your application two items of covid-related information. (1) How your proposed activity will be viable under current covid-related conditions. (2) How you will carry out the activity in a covid-safe way.

2. Alternative funding sources

In the relevant field of the online form please provide a summary of whether alternate funding options are available, and if so what these funding options are, whether you have applied for them, and the stage at which those applications have reached.

3. Recommendation from your principal supervisor

Please ask your supervisor to enter his or her recommendation in the relevant field in the online form.

4. Budget

Please complete the budget fields of the online application form by entering the total amount for each budget line, accompanied by a justification for that amount including a breakdown of calculations for each budget line.

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