Previous Michael Clyne Prize winners

2023 Van Tran (Charles Sturt University) Vietnamese-Australian children's speech and language competence.
2022 Chloe Castle (University of Adelaide) The co-option of grammatical resources between languages: A focus on English and Czech.
2021 Levi Durbridge (Monash University) Study abroad in multilingual contexts: The linguistic investment and development of Japanese adolescents in and beyond year-long exchange programs.
2020 Lisa Gilanyi (University of New South Wales) Transnational sojourners’ investment in learning English: a multi-case study of partners of international students in Australia.
2019 Hanna Torsh (Macquarie University) Between pride and shame: Linguistic intermarriage from the perspective of the English-dominant partner
2018 Niru Perera (Monash University) Talking Tamil, Talking Saivism: Language practices in a Tamil Hindu temple in Australia
2017 Shiva Motaghi-Tabari (Macquarie University) Bidirectional language learning in migrant families.
2016 Fiona O’Neill (University of South Australia) Multilingual francophone professionals’ experience of moving between languages and cultures: A narrative study.
2015 Lucija Medojević (University of Western Sydney) The effect of first year of schooling on bilingual language development: A study of second and third generation Serbian-Australian 5-year-old bilingual children from a processability perspective.
2014 Maria Gindidis (Monash University) Australian community language teachers: A phenomenological study
2013 Amanda Miller Amberber (Macquarie University) Language switching, language selection and intervention in bilingual aphasia
2012 Donna Butorac (Macquarie University) Imagined identity, remembered self: Settlement language learning and the negotiation of gendered subjectivity

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