Recent PhD completions from the University of Melbourne

Mengyue Wu: “Perception and production of Cantonese tones by speakers with different linguistic experiences”

Rosey Billington: "The phonetics and phonology of the Lopit language"

Naoki Ikeda: "Measuring L2 oral pragmatic abilities for use in social contexts: development and validation of an assessment instrument for L2 pragmatics performance in university settings"

Marzooq Aldossary: "Peer feedback and the L2 writing of givers and receivers: A quantitative and qualitative longitudinal study involving Saudi students"

Yuka Kikuchi: "Writing development of second language tertiary learners of Japanese in Australia"

We warmly congratulate all of them.


Rachel Nordlinger has been promoted to Level E, Nick Thieberger to Level D, and Ute Knoch also to Level D.

Staff Movements

We are also sad to announce that several of our colleagues have recently left the department through resignation or retirement: Dr Celia Thompson, Dr Jean Mulder and Prof Tim McNamara. We are thankful for their contributions to the department over many years, and they will be sorely missed. Rumours have it that Celia has revived her music career, Jean is looking forward to helping migrants, and Tim will no doubt continue to do what he has always done, in all cases with panache.

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