Proceedings of ALS2k, the 2000 Conference of the Australian Linguistic Society

Edited by Keith Allan and John Henderson

The 2000 Australian Linguistic Society Conference was organized by the Linguistics Program of the University of Monash and was held at Melbourne University, 8-9 July 2000.

Papers from these proceedings should be referenced as:

Author(s)-of-paper. 2001. Title-of-paper. In Keith Allan & John Henderson (eds), Proceedings of ALS2k, the 2000 Conference of the Australian Linguistic Society.

Note that there is no overall page numbering system for the proceedings as a whole: page numbering begins at 1 in each paper.

Not all papers presented at the conference were accepted for publication. These papers were anonymously peer-reviewed by at least two academic referees to DEST standards. Papers were required to meet the standard for publication in academic journals such as the Australian Journal of Linguistics, subject to a word limit commensurate with the length of conference presentations. The review process for the proceedings was separate from the review process for acceptance of abstracts for the actual conference presentations.

The official date of publication of these proceedings is 25 April 2001.



The editors would like to thank the following colleagues for acting as referees:

Diana Archangeli (University of Arizona)
Hilary Chappell (La Trobe University)
Michael Clyne (Monash University)
Seana Coulson (University of California San Diego)
Scott DeLancey (University of Oregon)
Nicholas Evans (University of Melbourne)
Esther Grabe (Oxford University)
Janet Holmes (University of Wellington)
Barbara Horvath (University of Sydney)
Eloise Jelinek (University of Arizona)
Peter Kipka (La Trobe University)
Mary Laughren (University of Queensland)
Lee-Wong Song Mei (Nanyang Technological University)
Melanie Metzger (Gallaudet University)
Tsuyoshi Ono (University of Arizona)
John Payne (University of Manchester)
Sally Rice (University of Alberta)
Masayoshi Shibatani (Stanford University)
Anna Siewierska (Lancaster University)
Sergei Tatevosov (Moscow University)
Laura Tollfree (Monash University)
John Whiteman (Cornell University)
Joanne Winter (Monash University)
Wu Yunji (University of Melbourne)

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