Selected Papers from the 1998 Conference of the Australian Linguistic Society

Edited by John Ingram

The ALS1998 Conference took place 3-5 July, 1998, and was hosted by the University of Queensland.

Excluding the plenary, the papers published herewith were all peer reviewed as full papers and meet DEST specifications.

Papers from these proceedings should be referenced as:

Author(s)-of-paper. 1998. Title-of-paper. In John Ingram (ed.), Selected papers from the 1998 Conference of the Australian Linguistic Society.

Note that the papers are provided as HTML documents. Therefore no page numbering system is provided. Copyright resides with the author(s) of the paper.


Peer-reviewed papers


The editor would like to acknowledge the work of the following people who agreed to act as referees:

Cynthia Allen (A.N.U.)
Keith Allen (Monash Uni.)
Peter Austin (Uni. Melbourne)
Isabella Barbier (Uni. Queensland)
Barry Blake (Latrobe Uni.)
David Bradley (Latrobe Uni.)
Ray Cattell (Uni. Newcastle)
Michael Clyne (Monash Uni.)
Terry Crowley (Uni. Waikato)
Alan Dench (Uni. Western Aust.)
Susane Döpke (Monash Uni.)
Dominique Estival (Uni. Melbourne)
Paul Foulkes (Uni. Leeds)
Helen Fraser (Uni. New England)
Cliff Goddard (Uni. New England)
John Hajek (Uni. Melbourne)
Jonathan Harrington (Macquarie Uni.)
Michael Harrington (Uni. Queensland)
Rodney Huddleston (Uni. Queensland)
John Ingram (Uni. Queensland)
Anthony Liddicoat (A.N.U.)
Mary Laughren (Uni. Queensland)
David Lee (Uni. Queensland)
June Luchjenbroers (Uni. Queensland)
Chris Manning (Uni Sydney)
Patrick McConvell (Uni. Northern Territory)
David Nash (A.N.U.)
Yasuko Obana (Uni. Queensland)
Phil Rose (A.N.U.)
Jane Simpson (Uni. Sydney)
Lesley Stirling (Uni. Melbourne)
Jeff Siegel (Uni. New England)
Laura Tollfree (Monash Uni.)
Lynn Wales (Uni. Queensland)
David Wilkins (Max Planck Inst.)

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