14-15 December 2020
(Sydney time)

Conference Format

The 2020 Conference of the Australian Linguistic Society (ALS) will take place online on 14 and 15 December 2020, with a Welcome to Country and Public Talk scheduled for the evening of Sunday 13 December.

Our theme this year is 'Building Bridges'. We acknowledge the talented Sana Bharadwaj who created a logo to commemorate our first-ever online conference.

The general programme includes contributions from all areas of linguistics. It also includes two keynote presentations, pre-recorded video papers, live panel discussions, social events and a series of live NEXT GEN sessions for HDR and ECR members.

Public Talk:

Kate Burridge (Monash University)

Confirmed keynotes:

  • Umberto Ansaldo (University of Sydney / Curtin University)
  • Anne Charity Hudley (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Our call for papers has now closed but we welcome participation from delegates who are not presenting papers. See our registration page for details.

What ALS2020 will look like

All ALS 2020 conference presentations will be pre-recorded in video format and uploaded to the conference website ahead of the conference so that delegates have enough time to access the papers in preparation for the live events.

All videos should be uploaded by 3 December 2020. Please notify us if you experience any difficulties meeting this deadline. The videos will be made available to conference delegates as soon as practicable and by 7 December 2020. They will only be viewable by conference delegates through our secure ALS 2020 conference website and eventually deleted from the website on 31 December 2020. More information is available under ‘Video Upload’ on the conference website.

Each paper will be discussed in a LIVE parallel session to take place during the conference on Monday 14 and Tuesday 15 December 2020. These sessions will last 45-60 minutes each and include between 5 and 7 papers for discussion. Attendees will have watched the pre-recorded video papers in advance and the live session will include quick summaries of the video papers as well as Q&A.

This video paper + live Q&A model will allow presenters to obtain feedback via (1) a comment function on the relevant video-paper webpage; (2) the live Q&A session.

The Q&A sessions will be scheduled to accommodate conference delegates across time zones. Please note that these live events will NOT be recorded. Please see the PROGRAM tab for further details on specific sessions. We're working hard to bring you the program as soon as possible!

The ALS 2020 organising committee

Robert Mailhammer, Western Sydney University, Sydney
Celeste Rodriguez Louro, The University of Western Australia, Perth
Gerry Docherty, Griffith University, Brisbane
Co-organiser: Amanda Hamilton-Hollaway, University of Queensland/ University of Western Australia, Perth

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