Two keynote presentations will be delivered as part of the conference program. These will focus on how the field of linguistics can build new ways of engaging with society and its needs, including what we can do to address pressing issues of linguistic discrimination, racism and exclusion, as well as to foster an atmosphere of sustainable and supportive practice at all levels. These will be live-streamed and followed by a Q&A.

Confirmed keynote speakers:

Anne Charity-Hudley, University of California, Santa Barbara

Talking College: Linguistic Justice in Higher Education

Umberto Ansaldo, University of Sydney/Curtin University

Doing language for others
In this talk I present a view of the HASS as a form of activism, that is plugged into community and focussed on societal improvement. Within this view, I revisit the field of linguistics, its biases, and elaborate on the prominent impact it could have if truly engaged in building a healthier human society. I also consider the challenges and constraints of this proposal.

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