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Melbourne time ALS2022 Program Day 1
Wednesday November 30
University of Melbourne Parkville Campus - Old Arts
08:00am-09:00am Conference registration - Old Arts, Outside Public Lecture Theatre
09:00am Conference opening & Plenary - Old Arts, Public Lecture Theatre, Room 122
09:30am Plenary 1 - Professor Emerita Jane Simpson
Fragile ecologies: Teaching Indigenous languages at universities: 1995-2022
10:30am Morning Tea - Old Arts, Arts Hall
  Parallel Thematic Sessions – Concurrent LCNAU Colloquium Sessions Open to all ALS Delegates (more information here)
North Lecture Theatre, Room 239 Collaborative Learning Space 1, Room 263 South Lecture Theatre, Room 224 Collaborative Learning Space 2, Room 257
Chair: Clarence Green Chair: Jia Zhang Chair: Anna Mikhaylova Chair: Sasha Wilmoth
Special Interest Group "Linguistics in schools" Translation Language learning Morphology
11:00am A Narrative Synthesis review of Genre Theory/SFL-based pedagogies for reading and writing outcomes in Australia f-10
Iain Giblin, Clarence Green & Jean Mulder
Critiquing neutrality and impartiality in First Nations language interpreting
Dima Rusho
Prospects for Indigenous Language Education in Pakistan: Focusing on the case of the Torwali language in the Swat district of North Pakistan
Mujahid Torwali
Morphological exponence: theory, implementation and typology
Mae Carroll and Sacha Beniamine
11:30am Student Writing Progress: An Experimental Proof-of-concept Application
Charbel El-Khaissi
The influence of subtitle-video congruency on subtitle reading: Evidence from eye movements
Sixin Liao, Lili Yu, Jan-Louis Kruger and Erik Reichle
Learning Urdu as A Minority Heritage Language: Reduced Input Effects and Linguistic Vulnerabilities
Saboor Hamdani, Angel Chan, Natalia Gagarina, Ewa Haman, Magdalena Łuniewska and Sharon Armon-Lotem
Explaining morphosyntactic structure with inter-predictability
John Mansfield and Charles Kemp
12:00pm Reviewing VCE English Language: a narrative
Annelise Balsamo
    Suffixation in Zhangzhou Southern Min: Function, Interface, and Constraint
Yishan Huang
12:30pm Lunch - Old Arts, Arts Hall
  North Lecture Theatre, Room 239 Collaborative Learning Space 1, Room 263   Public Lecture Theatre
Chair: Iain Giblin Chair: Dima Rusho   Chair: Bill Forshaw
Special Interest Group
"Linguistics in schools"
Translation   Victorian Aboriginal Languages in Education Round Table
1:30pm The relevance of syntax in the English classroom
Anna Stewart
A systematic review of machine translation in contemporary translator training
Jia Zhang
  Overview of Victorian Aboriginal Languages in Education
Jannali Brown & Vaso Elefsiniotis

Auslan and Yorta Yorta languages
Merle Miller

Woiwurrung yagut ba yumaa
Brooke Wandin

Title TBD
Roland Atkinson
Language Certificates
Brett West
2:00pm Data-driven learning for younger learners: Introducing CorpusMate
Peter Crosthwaite
Poetic or lost in translation? Conceptualizing the use of classical Chinese in English song subtitling
Eve Jingwen Chen and Jia Zhang
2:30pm Attitudinal Positioning in Bilingual Legal Judgments of Hong Kong: A Case Study
Wei Yu
3:00pm Afternoon Tea - Old Arts, Arts Hall
  North Lecture Theatre, Room 239 Collaborative Learning Space 1, Room 263 South Lecture Theatre, Room 224 William Macmahon Ball Theatre, Room 107
Chair: Mujahid Torwali Chair: Haoyi Li Chair: Debbie Loakes Chair: Marcela Huilcán
Bilingualism Sign language/gesture Phonology Records of Indigenous languages
3:30pm Narrative discourse structure in literate Russian-English child bilinguals in Australia
Anna Mikhaylova and Ellena Brownlow
Future-proofing corpora: what eyeblinks in Hawai'i sign language show
Samantha Rarrick, Eleanor  Jorgensen and Lisa Petersen 
Languages prefer optimal sonority distances: perception or articulation?
Ruihua Yin
Working on the Lungkarta Mangunypa - Multilingualism and resource production at an Aboriginal Language Centre
Annie Cameron, Bruce Thomas and Lorraine Injie
4:00pm How can the languages acquired during the refugee journey assist African youth settle better in Australia?
Meron Reda
What counts as a relevant gesture in the study of multimodal event expressions?
Eleanor Jorgensen, Anna Margetts, Harriet Sheppard and Isabelle Burke
Dorsals as segmental juncture phenomena in Australian languages
Brett Baker
Reconstituting the Grammar of Wati Wati
Stephen Morey and Brendan Kennedy
4:30pm   Live Long and May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favour: Emblem gestures in sci-fi and their uptake in popular culture
Jessica Kruk, Lauren Gawne and Peta M. Freestone
Right Dominancy of Sinitic Tone Sandhi: Encoding and Challenging
Yishan Huang
The mystery of the Victorian “Lexicon” – solved?
Andrew Tanner
6:00pm RUIL Public Lecture - Professor Clint Bracknell
Yeyinyang: New domains for original languages Old Arts, Public Lecture Theatre, Room 122
7:00pm Reception - Old Arts, Arts Hall

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