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Organised Session: Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism and Multilingualism

Organised Session: Linguistics in the School Curriculum: Improving Student Outcomes

Systems of Deixis


English vocabulary predicts the acquisition of grammatical inflections in Mandarin-speaking preschoolers (Nan Xu and Jae-Hyun Kim)

The effectiveness of corpus-aided instruction for the development and enhancement of L2 learners’ academic writing (Eunjeong Park)

Developing descriptive, inductive and critical skills by reflection on the meaning of grammar (Patrick Duffley)

Linguists learn better – how linguistics projects elevate multilingual students (Mei French and Rita Alexander)

Needs analysis study: Reading and writing requirements in first-year humanities and social sciences courses. How can we better prepare our students for university? (Aynur Ismayilli Karakoc)

Good thinking gone bad: reasoning errors in novice linguistics students (Iain Giblin)

Data-driven learning for younger learners: Using language corpora to boost schoolgirls’ knowledge of passive voice constructions for STEM education (Peter Crosthwaite)

Topic modelling children’s conversations: An estimation of background knowledge domains to support emergent literacy (Clarence Green)

Generic and vague uses of the Japanese second-person singular pronoun anata in an open-class person-reference system (Yoko Yonezawa)


Double objects on the move in the L2 English lexicon (Hunter McKenzie)

Geocentric spatial systems in Australian languages (Bill Palmer, Dorothea Hoffmann, Alice Gaby, Joe Blythe, Maïa Ponsonnet, Margaret Carew, Clair Hill, Thomas Ennever, Laurits Knudsen and Eleanor Yacopetti)


Needs and demands for heritage language support in Australia: findings from a nationwide survey (Paola Escudero, Chloé Diskin-Holdaway, Gloria Pino Escobar and John Hajek)

Clusivity and verbal person prefixes in Gu-jingaliya (Maningrida, Northern Australia) (David Felipe Guerrero-Beltran)


Little Multilingual Minds: A language learning program to foster multilingualism in early childhood education (Paola Escudero, Gloria Pino Escobar, Chloé Diskin-Holdaway and John Hajek)



The processing of Mandarin Chinese reflexives across various (Manyun Liu)


Humans versus computers: Misconceptions in the world of transcription (Debbie Loakes and Helen Fraser)




Pointing out the missing word: Multimodal packages in Mandarin word-searches (Jessie Chen, Scott Barnes and Joe Blythe)

12:00-13:00 Lunch
Language Data Commons of Australia (LDaCA) and the Australian Text Analytics Platform (ATAP)

Organised Session: Language Acquisition in the Australian Context




“Who sneezed again?” Investigating presuppositional ‘you’/‘again’ in Mandarin and English (Ting Xu and Lyn Tieu)

Scaling up analyses of spoken languages in the Pacific (Hywel Stoakes, Rosey Billington and Nick Thieberger)

Getting a grip on flexibility: constituent order in nominal expressions in Jaminjung-Ngaliwurru (Dana Louagie and Eva Schultze-Berndt)


Recursive Prepositional Phrases in child English (Mitchell Robinson, Iain Giblin, Rosalind Thornton and Stephen Crain)

There is no uniquely optimal sonority hierarchy: Phonotactic investigation of 496 languages adopting 40 sonority hierarchies (Ruihua Yin)

Frames of reference and argument marking of Grounds in Kukatja (Western Desert, PN) (Tom Ennever)


Using acoustic analysis to investigate voice quality in Australian English infants (Adele Gregory and Marija Tabain)

Tone and pitch lowering behaviour in K'cho (Stephen Nolan)

14:30-15:00 Break  Break  Break 
15:00-15:30 Bilingual syntax: Galician-Spanish differential object marking (Manuel Delicado Cantero and Maria Carmen Parafita Couto)

Morphology and Prosody

Empty morphology and paradigm predictability in Wubuy (Peter Nyhuis)


The building blocks of meaning in Chinese characters: orthographic perspectives on semantic primes and semantic molecules. (Zhengdao Ye and Janet Davey)


Children’s and adolescents’ assignment of grammatical gender in heritage Greek: A View from Adelaide, SA (Demetris Karayiannis, Maria Kambanaros, Kleanthes K. Grohmann and Artemis Alexiadou)

Prosody and flexible word order in Murrinhpatha (Hywel Stoakes, Janet Fletcher, Rachel Nordlinger & Evan Kidd)

Plurality in the Kriol Verb (Connor Brown and Maïa Ponsonnet)


Morpheme boundary phonotactics in Australian languages (Tula Wynyard)

The semantics of verbal reduplication in Iwaidja: inventory and formal analysis (Patrick Caudal, Marie Legentil and Robert Mailhammer)




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