We acknowledge the First Nations people of the still unceded lands in which we live and work.
We pay our respects to their elders, leaders and communities.

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Sydney time Wednesday 08 December

Organised Session: Linguistic Landscapes

The Lexicon

Language Change


Masks, trucks, and red banners in the COVID-19 linguistic landscape (Xiaofang Yao)

How do you say ‘waistcoat’ in Yagara? Lexical innovations for European items in a SE Queensland language (Kari Sullivan and Glenda Harward-Nalder)

Language change in progress: an examination of the Japanese causative-benefactive construction from a TV talk show (Kimiyo Matsui)


Linguistic landscape and Japanese Brazilians as return migrants in Japan (Satoshi Nambu)

Emotion nouns in Australian Indigenous languages: Interpreting the semantic distribution (Eleanor Yacopetti and Maïa Ponsonnet)

Article emergence in the Unua DP (Elizabeth Pearce)


Making sense of different responses to semiotic landscapes: An investigation of two case studies (Jessica Velasquez Urribarri and Nhan Phan)

A national survey of the Australian lexicon: “bonzer” users and “shithouse” challenges (Howard Manns, Simon Musgrave, Kate Burridge, Isabelle Burke, Dylan Hughes and Keith Allan)

Towards the creation of new tone categories: Examples from the Tangsa languages (Stephen Morey)






Applied Linguistics

Misconceptions in high places: Why the law allows police transcripts to ‘assist’ juries to hear indistinct audio – and how linguists can help change it (Helen Fraser)


Wetin una dey yan: variation in the use of copula dey in Nigerian Pidgin English (Mayowa Akinlotan)


Phonetics and Phonology Practice-Based Training & Accentedness Reduction. (Khedir Almoayidi)

The Kriol Holi Baibul – A tool of coloniality or an act of plurality? (Dima Rusho and John Bradley)

12:00-13:00 Lunch Launch 
'English on Croker Island' by Robert Mailhammer, launched by Celeste Rodriguez Louro

Organised Session: Decolonisation, inclusion and collaboration in Linguistics
(Free session, open to public)


Historical Linguistics

13:00-13:30 nhanganhuk? 'What kind (of decolonization) is it?' (Harley Dunolly-Lee) Fus-ha or Ammiyya: Parent Perspectives on Variety Choice in Australian Arabic Classrooms (Abdulwdood Bahhari) Verb inflections from nominal suffixes in Australian languages (Harold Koch)
13:30-14:00 The roles and responsibilities of universities, linguists and linguistics in collaborative research with Indigenous communities and their languages (Lesley Woods and Alice Gaby) Superdiversity and translocal brutality in Asian extreme metal lyrics (Jessica Birnie-Smith and Wes Robertson) Explaining redundancy in linguistic morphology: evidence from Yam and Kartvelian (Matthew Carroll and Zurab Baratashvili)
14:00-14:30 Yarns from the heart: The role of Aboriginal English in Indigenous health communication (Glenys Collard and Celeste Rodriguez Louro) New speakers of minority languages: The case of Sanna (Natalia Pavlou, Constantina Fotiou and Kleanthes K. Grohmann) Historical dynamics of functional load: A trade-off relationship in Pama-Nyungan V+C (Erich Round, Rikker Dockum and Robin Ryder)

Sharing manyardi across generations, cultures, and disciplines to keep endangered languages strong at Warruwi, Australia (Reuben Brown, Isabel O'Keeffe, Ruth Singer, Rupert Manmurulu and Renfred Manmurulu)

7000 ways of saying the same thing: Connecting linguistic diversity with sociolinguistic variation (John Mansfield, Henry Leslie-O'Neill and Haoyi Li)

Trials and tribulations of tree inference: The challenge of phonotactics in phylogenetics and why it matters (Jayden L. Macklin-Cordes)


Ontologies of incompleteness, convivial scholarship: Alternative pathways to co-create and decolonise our field (Finex Ndhlovu)

Break  Break 
15:30-16:00 Discussion


The phonetics of front vowels in Drehu (Catalina Torres, Weicong Li and Paola Escudero)


Repair practices in phone conversations: a case study of L2 English speakers (Jiahao Liu and Yiting Peng)

An acoustic study of ATR vowels in Tima (Marija Tabain, Gertrud Schneider-Blum, Adele Gregory and Jaye Padgett)

Inflectional morphology in adolescent Heritage Russian speakers (Ellena Brownlow)


Plenary: Signalling exclusive and shared knowledge in discourse-typological parameters and methodological considerations (Eva Schultze-Berndt)


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