ALS Conference 2018 Program

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Sunday 9 December
12:00 noon
Registration desk opens (Ground floor Jeffery Smart Building)
13:00 - 14:40
Pre-conference workshops:
  • Building Bridges between Linguistics and Schools.
    Click here for this workshop's program and abstracts
    Chaired by Dr Jean Mulder, University of Melbourne
    Stephanie Woerde, Maria Karidakis, Dr Julie Reid, Dr Elisabeth Mayer, David Moore & Prof Kate Burridge
    Location: Jeffery Smart Building, room JS3-13A
  • How to speak EEG: An introduction to using EEG in linguistics research.
    Organised by Dr Alex Chatburn, University of South Australia.
    Location: Jeffery Smart Building, room JS3-13B
  • #LingComm: A crash course in effective linguistics communication to non-linguists for grantwriting, interdisciplinary research, non-academic jobs, public outreach, and more
    Organised by Gretchen McCulloch
    Internet Linguist, and co-creator of the popular podcast, Lingthusiasm
    Location: Jeffery Smart Building, room JS5-12
14:40 - 15:10
Afternoon tea
Jeffery Smart Building, ground floor lecture space
15:10 - 16:30
Workshops continued
17:00 - 19:00
Welcome reception at MOD.
Location: North Terrace, adjacent Morphett Street Bridge
Monday 10 December
Registration desk opens (Ground floor Jeffery Smart Building)
09:00 - 09:30
Official welcome: Prof Ina Bornkessel-Schlesewsky and Prof Matthias Schlesewsky
Welcome to Country: Jack Buckskin
Location: Sir Hans Heysen Building, room HH 4-08
09:30 - 11:00

Parallel Open Talks

Stream 1
Location: Sir Hans Heysen Building, HH 3-08

Dr Alexandra Grey
The place of the Zhuang minority language in Chinese universities
University of Sydney

Edith Kirlew
Family-level domain knowledge improves automated cognate alignment
University of Queensland

Dr Awatif Alshammri
Evaluating representations of culture in English Language textbooks in Saudi Arabia
Macquarie University

Stream 2
Location: Sir Hans Heysen Building, HH 3-09

A/Prof Evan Kidd, Prof Rachel Nordlinger & Gabriela Garrido Rodríguez
An experimental study of word order in Murrinhpatha
Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
University of Melbourne

Dr Martin Schweinberger
A corpus-based analysis of the Australian English and New Zealand English amplifier systems
University of Queensland

Narah Lee
Age as a driving force in referential choices for first and second person in spoken Korean
Australian National University

Workshop 4
Indigenous Languages Training and Career Paths
Chaired by Dr Rob Amery & Dr Mary-Anne Gale
Location: Jeffery Smart Building, JS4-11

Jack Buckskin or Kira Bain
Welcome to Country
Tauondi College

Dr Rob Amery & Dr Mary-Anne Gale
Introductions and outline of program
University of Adelaide

Mari Rhydwen & Kerrie Ann Jarrett
What do you have to do to become a teacher of your (reclamation) language?
Muurrbay Aboriginal Language & Culture Co-operative

Andrew Tanner
RNLD’s Documenting and Revitalising indigenous Languages (DRIL) Training Program for language workers
Resource Network for Language Diversity (RNLD)

Dr John Giacon
The Australian Indigenous Languages Institute (AILI)
Australian National University

Dr Michele Willsher & Paola Fischer
Supporting Indigenous language and linguistic education through Batchelor Institute
Batchelor Institute

Dr Samantha Disbray, plus Gretel MacDonald & Barbara Martin (via Skype)
The Warlpiri Triangle workshops & Jinta-jarrimi (becoming one) for Warlpiri educators in NT Bilingual Education Programs
Charles Darwin University
Yuendumu School

11:00 - 11:30
Morning tea (Jeffery Smart Building, ground floor lecture space)
11:30 - 13:00

Parallel Open Talks continued

Stream 1 continued
Maria Karidakis
Interpreting in medical settings: Strategies and challenges for effective cross-cultural
interpreting for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients
University of Melbourne

Yilu Yang
Intermingling language use by school-aged Chinese Australians: An analysis from the dual-track perspective
University of Melbourne

Stream 2 continued
Prof Matthias Schlesewsky & Prof Ina Bornkessel-Schlesewsky
The relative clause conspiracy
University of South Australia

Ingmar Brilmayer, Prof Beatrice Primus, Prof Ina Bornkessel- Schlesewsky & Prof Matthias Schlesewsky
The exceptional role of the first person: Evidence from natural story processing
University of Cologne
University of South Australia

Ira Kurthen, Jolanda Galbier, Prof Moritz Daum & Prof Martin Meyer
The role of cortical oscillations during speech processing in older adults with hearing loss
University of Zurich

Workshop 4 continued
Jack Buckskin & Kira Bain
Training the Trainer

Dr Mary-Anne Gale & Phyllis Williams
Learning and Teaching Aboriginal Languages in SA through the TAFE sector with the Certificates III & IV

Kaelene McMillan
Reflections on 15 years of teaching Adnyamathanha in the TAFE sector with the Certificates III & IV

Group discussion and resolutions

13:00 - 14:00
(Jeffery Smart Building, ground floor lecture space)
14:00 - 15:00
Keynote 1: Prof Petra Schumacher, University of Cologne
Location: Hawke Building, H2-16 Allan Scott Auditorium
15:15 - 16:45
Parallel Open Talks:

Stream 3
Location: Sir Hans Heysen Building, HH 3-08

Stacey Sherwood, A/Prof Robert Mailhammer & Dr Mark Antoniou
Identity trumps linguistic experience: the case of yeah-no in Australian English
Western Sydney University

Dr Nick Wilson
Sociolinguistic Variation and Change in Australian English Definite Article Allomorphy
Macquarie University

Dr Alyssa A. Severin
The use of stupid* and dumb* in online metalinguistic discourse
Monash University

Stream 4
Location: Sir Hans Heysen Building, HH 3-09

Mohamed Yassine Frej, Dr Christopher Carignan & Prof Catherine T. Best
Estimation of closure duration for absolute word-initial geminate/singleton coronal stops in Moroccan Arabic using ultrasound
Western Sydney University
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Sasha Wilmoth & Dr John Mansfield
Metrical structure in Pitjantjatjara/Yankunytjatjara
University of Melbourne

Dr Patrick McConvell
Contact between northern Australian and Austronesian Languages: Sound change as evidence of chronology in the late Holocene
Australian National University

17:00 - 19:00
Poster gala featuring interactive media presentations, with drinks and canapes available
Location: Jeffery Smart Building, JS 4 – 12 A&B
Tuesday 11 December
8:30 - 9:00
Registration desk opens (Ground floor Jeffery Smart Building)
09:00 - 10:30

Parallel Open Talks:

Stream 5
Location: Sir Hans Heysen Building, HH3- 08

Daniel Krauße & A/Prof Mark Harvey
Coverb stacking in Wagiman
University of Newcastle

Dr Stephen Morey
The rapid acquisition (and loss) of grammatical categories - the case of the Tangsa verb system
La Trobe University

Mitchell Browne
Now then: another analysis of =lku in Warlpiri and Warlmanpa
University of Queensland

Workshop 5
Multifaceted multilingualism: Language, cognition, and communication
Chaired by Prof Kleanthes Grohmann
Location: Jeffery Smart Building, JS4-11 or JS4-12A TBC

Prof James A. Walker, with Prof John Hajek, Dr Debbie Loakes, Dr Chloe Diskin & Prof Gerry Docherty
The sociolinguistics of urban multilingualism: Toronto and Melbourne
La Trobe University
University of Melbourne
Griffith University

Prof Peter Siemund
On the advantages and disadvantages of multilingualism: Towards a more realistic assessment
University of Hamburg

Workshop 6
Romance linguistics in Australasia: Current models and new trends
Chaired by Dr Joshua Brown & Dr Manuel Delicado Cantero
Location: Jeffery Smart Building, JS4-12B

Dr Manuel Delicado Cantero & Dr Joshua Brown
Prepositions and complementisers in Romance: a diachronic view from Italian

Dr Carlos-Eduardo Piñeros
Homogeneous and heterogeneous referentiality in Spanish personal pronouns

Prof John Hajek & Dr Agnese Bresin
Investigating pragmatic behaviours in Italy: Address, family and regional variation

10:30 - 11:00
Morning tea (Jeffery Smart Building, ground floor lecture space)
11:00 - 12:30

Stream 5 continued
Dr John Mansfield & A/Prof Nicholas Reid
Epistemic stance marking in Murrinhpatha and Ngan’gi
Australian National University
University of New England

Kate Charlwood & Prof Rachel Nordlinger
Morph order vs word order: polysynthetic languages in relation to word-order typology
Mirima Dawang Woorlab-gerring
University of Melbourne

James Bednall
Temporal reference, categorisation and deixis in Anindilyakwa (Gunwinyguan, Australia)
Australian National University / Université Paris 7

Workshop 5 continued
Cheng-Xiang Yang & Yen- Liang Lin
The influences of cognitive load on cospeech and co-thought gestures for conceptualization

Dr Peter Mickan
Barossa German language documentation, maintenance and revival: A Sprachinsel in South Australia

Workshop 6 continued
Dr Elisabeth Mayer
Clitics at the crossroads: The morphologysyntax interface

Dr Vincenzo Galata, Dr Cinzia Avesani, A/Prof Mario Vayra, A/Prof Bruno Di Biase, and Prof Catherine Best
Italian roots in Australian soil (IRIAS): Tracing regionsl linguistic heritage in a speech corpus of Italo-Australian trilinguals

12:30 - 13:30
Lunch (Jeffery Smart Building, ground floor lecture space)
12:50 - 13:30 Book Launches (Barbara Hanrahan Building, BH2-16 )
13:30 - 17:30

Stream 6
Prof Jane Simpson
Verbs of speech and noise-making in central and northern Australian languages
Australian National University

Daniel Krauße & Dr Catriona Malau
Typologically rare cause-effect constructions in Vurës
University of Newcastle

Mijke Mulder
Definiteness in Muklom (Tibeto-Burman)
La Trobe University

Forrest Panther, A/Prof Mark Harvey, Dr Myfany Turpin, & Dr Harold Kochc
The Constituency of the Verb Phrase in Kaytetye: Associated Path
University of Newcastle
University of Sydney
Australian National University

Naijing Liu
Information Structure in Tsum: when lexical phonology encounters information packaging.
Australian National University

Prof Cliff Goddard
Minimal languages and cross-translatability
Griffith University

Workshop 5 continued
Amanda Eads
Syrian–Lebanese in Grand Rapids, Michigan: Ethnic identity construction through chronotopes of nostalgia
Penn State University

Dr Iain Giblin, with Prof Stephen Crain, Jiawei Shib & A/Prof Peng Zhou Nominal recursion in child language
Macquarie University
Tsinghua University

Dr Weifeng Han
Syntax, I hate or I syntax hate? The role of L1 bidialectism in L2 syntax– semantics acquisition: An implication to bilingual DLD assessment
Flinders University

Dr Stephanie Durrleman, with Dr Eleni Baldimtsi, Dr Eleni Peristeri & Prof Ianthi Tsimpli
Bilingualism matters: A study of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Developmental Language Disorder
University of Geneva
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
University of Cambridge

Dr Maria Kambanaros
Compounds: Words at the semantics–pragmatics interface.
Interpretation by child with Autism Spectrum Disorder and adults with Alzheimer's disease
Cyprus University of Technology

17:30 - 19:00
ALS Annual General Meeting
Location: Sir Hans Heysen Building, HH4-08
19:30 - 22:30
Conference dinner at the Cumberland Arms Hotel
Wednesday 12 December
08:30 - 9:00
Registration desk opens (Ground floor Jeffery Smart Building)
09:00 - 10:00
Keynote 2: Prof Walter Bisang, University of Mainz
Location: Hawke Building, H2-16 Allan Scott Auditorium
10:00 - 10:30
Morning tea (Jeffery Smart Building, ground floor lecture space)
10:30 - 12:30

Parallel Open Talks:

Stream 7
Location: Sir Hans Heysen Building, HH 3-08

Jayden L. Macklin-Cordes & Dr Erich R. Round
Phylogeny in phonotactics: A multivariate approach for stronger historical signal
University of Queensland

Dr Rikke Bundgaard-Nielsen & Dr Carmel O’Shannessy
Obstruent voicing distinctions in Light Warlpiri
Western Sydney University
Australian National University

Rael Stanley
A Description of Tone in Northern Lisu
La Trobe University

Indi Phillips
A Socio-Phonetic Analysis of Australian Neo-Jihadis
Monash University

Stream 8
Location: Sir Hans Heysen Building, HH 3-09

Prof Pier Marco Bertinetto & Dr Luca Ciucci
Derivational morphology in Zamucoan
Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa
James Cook University

Dr Luca Ciucci
Morphological borrowing in the Chaco
James Cook University

Prof Catherine Travis, Dr James Grama & Dr Simon Gonzalez
Ethnolectal variation ov(er) time
Australian National University

Dr Ksenia Gnevsheva, Dr Anita Szakay & Dr Sandra Jansen Second dialect acquisition in a second language
Australian National University
Macquarie University
Paderborn University

Workshop 7
Language processing and language change
Chaired by A/Prof Robert Mailhammer
Location: Jeffery Smart Building, JS4-11

A/Prof Robert Mailhammer & Prof Elena Smirnova
Processing as a cause of language change? The case of the German and English passives
Western Sydney University
Université de Neuchâtel

Patrick Caudal
Language change and coercion: The intriguing case of the French simple and compound pasts
CNRS/Paris/Western Sydney University

Mark Ellison, Luisa Miceli, Dr Alba Tuninetti, A/Prof Paola Escudero, Prof Niels O. Schiller
The price of ease
Australian National University
University of Western Australia
Western Sydney University
Leiden University

Dr Brett Bakera & Dr Rikke Bungaard-Nielsenb
A processing account of reduplication
University of Melbourne
Western Sydney University

Workshop 8
New challenges in Missionary Linguistics: An introduction
Chaired by Otto Zwartjes & Clara Stockigt
Location: Barbara Hanrahan Building, BH2-16

12:30 - 13:30
Lunch (Jeffery Smart Building, ground floor lecture space)
13:30 - 15:30

Stream 9
Samantha Soon
An Investigation of Tone in Kwényï
University of Sydney

Dr Brett Baker, Dr Rikke Bundgaard-Nielsen, Sarah Babinski & Prof Janet Fletcher
Acoustic correlates of lexical stress in Wubuy/Nunggubuyu
University of Melbourne
Western Sydney University
Yale University

Prof Andy Butcher & John McEntee
Pre-stopped nasals and laterals in Adnyamathanha, a language of South Australia
Flinders University

Bonnie McLean
Do Sound Symbolic Words Resist Phonological Change? A case study from Ryukyuan
Australian National University

Stream 10
Dr Mary Laughren
The Power of 'One'
University of Queensland

Dr Rachel Hendery
Mapping and Modelling Australia’s Pacific Past
Western Sydney University

A/Prof Bill Palmer, Dr Bill Pascoe & Dr Dorothea Hoffmann
Building a database of spatial referential systems in Australian languages
University of Newcastle
University of Oregon Eugene

Salai Biak Za Lian Ching
Elicitation in linguistic fieldwork for Chin language and its dialects
Deakin University

Workshop 7 continued
Dr Laurence Bruggeman
Listener adaptation in native and non-native language: The case for emigrants
Western Sydney University

Prof Ina Bornkessel-Schlesewsky & Prof Matthias Schlesewsky
University of South Australia

Sand pit: Sketching our projects connecting language processing and language change


Workshop 8 continued

15:35 - 16:00
Closing session
Location: Sir Hans Heysen Building, HH4-08

* Schedule is subject to change

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