AIATSIS Sponsorship  

ALS is pleased to announce the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) is sponsoring ALS 2024. Under this sponsorship, AIATSIS will:
  • sponsor up to ten Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander delegates to attend ALS 2024
  • facilitate a one-day themed conference session
  • provide catering for all conference attendees on the day the themed session is held
  • arrange a plenary lecture by an AIATSIS Senior Executive with expertise in language matters on Thursday 28 November
  • provide tours of AIATSIS digitisation facilities for conference attendees

Sponsorships for Indigenous Delegates 

AIATSIS will be sponsoring up to ten Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander delegates to attend ALS 2024.
The following costs of attending the conference will be covered by AIATSIS:
  • conference registration fees (including attendance at the conference dinner)
  • travel, including flights and airport transfers
  • accommodation
  • a daily allowance for meals not provided at the conference
  • membership of the Australian Linguistic Society.
Applicants do not need to have completed or be undertaking tertiary studies in linguistics to apply. Applicants should be formerly or currently engaged in linguistic practice, which may entail being a community linguist, being a current or former linguistics student, or doing language work or teaching.
Preference will be given to applicants who have submitted an abstract to present at the conference in the themed session “Walking between two worlds – opportunities and challenges for Indigenous linguists” The summary of this session is included below. Abstracts are now being accepted. Submissions close 1 July 2024. Find out how to submit an abstract at:
If you are interested in applying to be a sponsored delegate, please submit an Expression of Interest before 1 August 2024. (Please note that abstracts close sooner, on 1 July 2024.) Please fill in the form and submit it to
Please contact if you have any questions.

Themed Session: Walking between two worlds – opportunities and challenges for Indigenous linguists 

When Indigenous linguists work with their own and other Indigenous languages, they ‘walk between two worlds’. They are trained by and must navigate the academy, which may be perceived by community as being interested in questions of pure research rather than community benefit (and in extreme cases perceived as being extractive and exploitative). At the same time, they are equally part of the socio-cultural and political dynamics of the community(ies) for whom they work and/or to whom they belong. Indigenous linguists working with Indigenous languages contribute a wealth of knowledge, shared experiences and worldviews that enrich their work. On the other hand, they may also be required to balance antagonistic community perceptions of linguists with what they often know to be the case: that linguistics is an invaluable tool for communities to use in language strengthening.
In this session, presenters will be invited to speak about the opportunities and challenges they have experienced training and/or working as an Indigenous linguist, either for their own or for other communities. Submissions will also be considered that consider the status of Indigenous linguistic research at a regional, national and/or international level, and on theoretical and applied projects that highlight the research excellence of Indigenous linguists in Australia and globally. Submissions will also be considered by non-Indigenous researchers (both solo and co-authored presentations) who wish to reflect on the theme.


Ngunnawal Elder and Senior Executive Dr Caroline Hughes AM will deliver a plenary on Thursday 28 November. More information at:

Tours of AIATSIS Digitisation facilities 

More information to come.

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