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Sydney time ALS2023 Program Day 3, Friday December 01
University of Sydney
8:00 - 08:45 Registration: The Quad Refectory H1.13
8:45 - 10:15

The Quad Seminar Room S224

Indigenous Language Collections in LdaCA (Conveners: Robert McLellan, Ben Foley & Simon Musgrave)

CAREful FAIRness and principles for Indigenous Data Governance (Robert McLellan)

Technical solutions for Indigenous Data Governance (Peter Sefton)

Case study – Gurindji Kriol (Ben Foley and Felicity Meakins)

The Quad Seminar Room S227


Chair: Brett Baker

The morphemes for the job: Case in all corners of Warriyangga (Jacqueline Cook)

A typological review of subclassing in word class assignment (Keira Mullan and Kira Davey)

Case variation in Nubri dialects (Cathryn Donohue)
The Quad Seminar Room S204 (Oriental)

Applied linguistics

Chair: James Walker

The Eastman transcripts: Calling Australian linguists to action against injustice caused by deep-seated misconceptions about spoken language and its representation in writing (Helen Fraser)

Mapping Gendered Language and Bias in Legal Judgments: New Multidisciplinary Approaches (Lindsey Stevenson, Melissa Kemble and Mehera San Roque)

The languages on public signage of Australia: a nationwide survey (Hong Cai)
The Quad Seminar Room S225

Language Change

Chair: Don Daniels

The Negative Existential Cycle in Western Desert (Sasha Wilmoth)

Diachronic morphology in noun-noun compounds in Mandarin Chinese (Jane Chanell)

The Language Revival Index: A strengths-based complement to traditional language vitality indices (Lauren Reed and Alison Mount) 

10:15 - 10:45 Morning Tea: Bevery Room
10:45 - 12:45 The Quad Seminar Room S241

Indigenous Language Collections in LdaCA (Conveners: Robert McLellan, Ben Foley & Simon Musgrave)

UQ Indigenous Languages Portal (Robert McLellan, Desmond Crump and Peter Sefton)

Case study – Batchelor Institute CALL Collection (Ben Foley and Karen Manton)

Community connect: Training materials to assist community access to data (Otis Carmichael and Simon Musgrave)

Case study – Iltyem – iltyem Indigenous Sign Languages (Ben Foley and Jenny Green)
John Woolley Building, Woolley Tutorial Room N384


Chair: Rachel Nordlinger

Agreement and focus in Sgi Bara (Don Daniels)

A quantitative investigation of free subject pronouns in Lelepa, an Oceanic language (Yuchen Li)

Gendered questions and the utility of agreement avoidance in Gija (Caroline de Dear)

Formalising null anaphora in Murrinhpatha – A Simpler Syntax approach (Giovanni Chun Long Ma)
The Quad Seminar Room S249

Linguistics for the polycrisis (Themed session, Converner: Alena Kazmaly)

A Danish perspective on global meta concepts in climate change discourse: A contrastive semantic study of ‘miljø’ and ‘environment’ (Stephanie Maskova Pedersen)

The linguistics of personality: leveraging lexical semantics to confront the measurement crisis in psychological assessment (Alena Kazmaly)

Textual Personae as a Framework to Understand and Reorientate Online Communities Intertwined in the Polycrisis (Olivia Inwood)
John Woolley Building, Woolley Tutorial Room N401

Discourse Analysis/Pragmatics
Chair: Jonathan Lum

Stance-taking and the use of the Colloquial Singapore English discourse-pragmatic marker sia/sial among Singaporean adolescents (Qiu Xuan Felicia Lee, Chloé Diskin-Holdaway and Jonathon Lum)

A Harmonious Discourse Analysis of Ecological Metaphors in Chinese (Zaijiang Wie)

Decolonising discourse analysis: The ethics of corpus-based CDA of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander media representation as an outsider researcher (Carly Bray)

Analysis of Multimodal Memetic Online Narrative (Noam Stein)

John Woolley Building. Woolley Seminar Room N208

Chair: Laurence Bruggeman

Nurturing Australia’s Little Multilingual Minds: A solution for the NSW language learning dilemma in primary school (Paola Escudero, Chloé Diskin-Holdaway and Gloria Pino Escobar)

Narrative production in trilingual L1 Cantonese-speaking children with and without Developmental Language Disorder: New evidence from Cantonese MAIN (Jane Man-Yu Lai, Angel Wing Shan Chan, Sonia Yuen-Wai Hui, Man Tung Lee, Nga Yi Kong, Sabrina Wong, Sze Wing Wong and Natalia Gagarina)

Nurturing Australia’s Little Multilingual Minds: Preliminary findings from a Vietnamese preschool immersion program (Paola Escudero, Gloria Pino Escobar and Chloe Diskin-Holdaway)

Narrative structure and lexical complexity in Russian-English bilingual children’s oral narratives in the Australian context. (Anna Mikhaylova)
12:45 - 13:45 Lunch (not catered) & LDaCA as a resource for digital linguistic research (Catherine Travis, Simon Musgrave, Harriet Sheppard, Robert McLellan) - The Quad Refectory H1.13
13:45 - 15:45 The Quad Seminar Room S224

Chair: Jane Simpson

Fishy relations and planetary health: the language of fish, water and people in Australia, Pakistan, and Malawi (Mujahid Torwali, Jakelin Troy, Atikonda Mkochi, Shahbaz Khan, Chisomo Kalinga, Janelle Evans & Lara Troy)

How working with community language centres can benefit your research (Jacqueline Cook, Callan Bindon and Luisa Miceli)

British Audiences, Australian Aboriginal English Dialogue (Samuel Herriman)

Language documentation as Aboriginal social history – the unique circumstances of Pilbara language work (Annie Cameron)
The Quad Seminar Room S227

Chair: Rosie Billington

An electroglottographic study of vowel-voiceless stop sequences in Australian English (Louise Ratko, Joshua Penney and Felicity Cox)

Investigating rhotic production by Australian English speakers using ultrasound imaging (Felicity Cox, Louise Ratko, Jae-Hyun Kim, Joshua Penney and Michael Proctor)

The Effect of Sexual Orientation and Traditional Masculinity on F0 Measures of Australian English Speaking Men’s Voices (Timothy Shea, Joshua Penney, Anita Szakay and Felicity Cox)

Variability of intervocalic lateral darkness in Australian English: new insights from diverse speech communities in Sydney (Conor Clements, Joshua Penney, Anita Szakay and Felicity Cox)
The Quad Seminar Room S204 (Oriental)​

Linguistics for the polycrisis (Themed session, Converners: Alena Kazmaly

Trust in COVID-19 related health communication (Maria Karidakis, Giuseppe D'Orazzi and John Hajek)

Standard Translatable English: Authoring accessible public messages for swift and accurate translation (Ida Stevia Diget)

Thinking and Speaking about Mental Health in Australian English (Lauren Sadow)

The Quad Seminar Room S225

Chair: Rob Mailhammer

Processing subject-verb agreement (SVA) in Japanese and Chinese learners of English: a picture selection task (Chelsea Harris, Alex Cowan, Kiwako Ito, Thomas Narraway, Avery Hardy and Joshua Osborn)

The use of lexical tone in the segmentation of speech (Pelle Söderström, Tuğba Lulaci and Mikael Roll)

How are polysynthetic verbs processed in real time? (Laurence Bruggeman, Evan Kidd, Rachel Nordlinger and Anne Cutler)

Second Language (L2) Speakers’ Constructional Processing is Affected by Verb-Construction Contingency Mappings and L2 Proficiency (Ivana Domazetoska and Helen Zhao)

The Quad Refectory H1.13

Chair: Sasha Wilmoth

Case Usage in Adolescent Heritage Russian Speakers in Australia (Ellena Brownlow)

Variation in the amplifier system among Chinese L2 English Learners in Australia (Minghao Miao & Chloé Diskin-Holdaway)

Exploring social and geographical correlates of multilingualism in Africa (Miri Mertner and Gerhard Jäger)

An Evaluative Study of Multilingual Practices in Punjab: Implications for Indigenous Language Planning and Policy (Dr. Ijaz Asghar, Dr. Shahid Abbas and Ayesha Fiaz Janjua)

15:45 - 16:15 Afternoon Tea: Bevery Room
15:15 - 17:15 Keynote: On the importance of linguistic diversity for the cognitive science of language (Evan Kidd) - The Quad Lecture Theatre S223
17:15 - 17:30 Close (The Quad Lecture Theatre S23)

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