Program Committee

The Program Committee of the Australian Linguistic Society is responsible for the academic program of the annual conference of the Society. Its members are elected from the ALS membership through an EOI process. They serve for a three-year term.

Members of the ALS Program Committee

Robert Mailhammer

Rob Mailhammer, Western Sydney University (Chair)

Rob Mailhammer is Professor of Linguistics at Western Sydney University. Rob is especially interested in how and why languages change, specialising in Australian and the Germanic languages. He has been involved in the documentation of the Iwaidjan languages of Northwestern Arnhem Land for over 15 years.

Ksenia Gnevsheva

Ksenia Gnevsheva, The Australian National University (Deputy Chair)

Ksenia’s main linguistic interest lies at the intersection of sociophonetics and second language acquisition. Her current work focuses on sociolinguistic variation in bilingual speakers in production and perception.

Mike Proctor

Mike Proctor, Macquarie University (Area Chair, Phonetics/Phonology)

Mike Proctor is Associate Professor of Linguistics at Macquarie University. His research interests include speech production and perception, morpho-phonology, and language typology.

Iain Giblin

Iain Giblin, Macquarie University (Area Chair, Morphology/Syntax)

Iain is a lecturer in the Department of Linguistics at Macquarie University. His research interests focus on syntax, language acquisition, and linguistics and education.

Ilana Mushin

Ilana Mushin, The University of Queensland (Area Chair, Semantics/Pragmatics)

Ilana Mushin is Professor of Linguistics at the University of Queensland and a past President of ALS (2017-2022). Her research interests concern the relationships between grammar, culture, cognition and social interaction, especially in the management of knowledge asymmetries across languages. She also specialises in the description and typology of Australian languages.

James Walker

James Walker, La Trobe Universiy (Area Chair, Historical Linguistics/Sociolinguistics)

James Walker is Professor of Linguistics at La Trobe University. He is an internationally recognised expert in the study of sociolinguistic variation and change, with interests in multilingualism, language contact and ethnicity. He has studied variation at all levels of language in English (Australia, Canada, the Caribbean), Sango (Central African Republic), Swedish and Brazilian Portuguese.

Laurence Bruggeman

Laurence Bruggeman, Western Sydney University (Area Chair, Psycholinguistics/Applied Linguistics)





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