The Constitution of the Australian Linguistic Society

(established 1967; amended 1979, 1998, 2001, 2006, 2007, 2019, 2020)

I. Name

  1. The name: The Society shall be known as the Australian Linguistic Society (herein called the Society).

II. Objects

  1. To further interest in and support for linguistic research and teaching in Australia.
  2. To organise an annual meeting and visits of local and overseas speakers.
  3. To publish a journal of international standing.
  4. To represent the expert views of professional linguists to government, non-government organisations, and the general public.

III. Membership

  1. There shall be three classes of membership: regular, concessional and honorary. Any person or institution may become a regular member by vote of the Executive Committee and payment of dues.
  2. Concessional membership is available to full-time students and to persons granted the concessional rate by the executive committee.
  3. Honorary membership will be granted by vote of the annual general meeting to recognise outstanding achievement.
  4. Dues shall be determined by vote of the Annual General Meeting.
  5. Once set, dues can be increased annually by the Executive Committee in line with CPI without requiring a further decision from the membership.
  6. The financial year of the Society shall be the Australian financial year.
  7. Only financial members may vote and hold office in the Society. Only financial members may offer papers for presentation at meetings of the Society.

IV. Officers

  1. The Officers of the Society shall be a President, three Vice-Presidents, a Treasurer, an Associate Treasurer, a Secretary, an Associate Secretary, a Postgraduate Student Representative, and the Editor of the Journal.
  2. The officers shall be elected by secret ballot at an Annual General Meeting of the Society, to take office at the conclusion of that Meeting.
  3. The Editor of the Journal shall be elected for a term of five years.
  4. The terms of other office bearers shall run for three Annual General Meetings. The other office bearers will be elected on a rolling 3 year cycle:
    Year 1: One Vice-President, the Secretary, the Associate Treasurer
    Year 2: The President, the Treasurer, one Vice-President
    Year 3: One Vice-President, the Associate secretary, the Postgraduate Student Representative
  5. The Executive Committee shall be composed of the above officers as voting members of the Executive Committee. The Directors of the immediate past and forthcoming conferences shall be ex-officio, non-voting members of the Executive Committee. Postal votes of the Executive Committee may be conducted by the Secretary as required. Minutes of Executive Committee meetings shall be available to the membership.
  6. The Executive Committee may appoint one of the Vice-Presidents to deputise for the President or other officer in his/her absence. If an Annual General Meeting is not scheduled within six months, vacancies (other than a Vice-Presidency) shall be filled by nomination by the Executive and postal ballot of members, for the remaining term of the office.

V. Meetings

  1. There shall be an Annual General Meeting of the Society. The President or his/her deputy shall chair the Meeting. A quorum shall consist of no less than twenty-five members.
  2. Decisions at the Annual General Meeting shall be by simple majority of those present.
  3. The President shall have a casting vote except at an election to the Presidency in which s/he is a candidate.
  4. On the request of six members, voting on decisions other than election of officers shall be by secret ballot.
  5. At elections for an officer, a person nominated may not vote for an office for which s/he is a candidate.
  6. The executive committee shall appoint a Conference Committee to arrange each meeting.
  7. The Conference Committee shall review abstracts of papers offered for presentation at the meeting; their decisions concerning acceptance of such papers shall be final.

VI. Publications

  1. The Editor of the Journal shall be responsible for the editorial content and format of the Journal and his/her decision shall be final. The Editor, in consultation with the rest of the Executive Committee, may appoint the Editorial Board.
  2. The Associate Secretary shall be responsible for the newsletter.
  3. The Journal and the newsletter shall be sent to all financial members of the Society.

VII. Rules

For all other matters, the Rules of the Society shall be the Model Rules for the incorporation of Associations, according to the Association Incorporation Act, 1984 - Regulation 1994, Clause 8, of the NSW Department of Fair Trading.

VIII. Amendments

  1. This constitution may be amended at an Annual General Meeting of the Society.
  2. An Amendment shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary, signed by at least six members of the Society.
  3. An Amendment shall be voted on immediately prior to the election of officers at an Annual General Meeting.

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