Committee Members

Ilana Mushin President 2020-2022

Ilana Mushin is Associate Professor at the University of Queensland, specialising in pragmatics, typology, and interactional linguistics in Australian Aboriginal languages, especially Garrwa. She has also recently worked on early years classroom interaction and on Queensland varieties of Aboriginal English.

Celeste Rodríguez Louro

Celeste Rodriguez Louro Vice-President 2018-2023

Celeste Rodríguez Louro is a Senior Lecturer and an Australian Research Council DECRA Fellow at the University of Western Australia. She is a variationist sociolinguist interested in the social and linguistic factors constraining variation in synchrony and diachrony. Her current research examines morpho-syntax and discourse-pragmatics in varieties of Aboriginal English.

Bill Palmer Vice-President 2020-2023

Bill Palmer is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Newcastle and his research expertise includes linguistic typology, syntax, spatial cognition, and the Austronesian and non-Austronesian languages of the Pacific and New Guinea.

Alice Gaby Vice-President 2020-2023

Alice Gaby teaches linguistics at Monash University. Her research explores semantic and structural typology, the relationship between language, culture and cognition, and the documentation and description of Australian Indigenous, including linguist-community partnerships in language research, repatriation and revitalisation.

Robert Mailhammer

Robert Mailhammer Treasurer 2020-2023

Robert Mailhammer is Professor at Western Sydney University with an interest in historical linguistics, language documentation, phonetics, phonology, and morphology. His focus are the Germanic and Australian languages.

John Mansfield

John Mansfield Secretary 2020-2023

John Mansfield is a Lecturer in Linguistics at the University of Melbourne. His research explores the diversity of the worlds’ languages, with a particular focus on the processes of change that have resulted in languages being the way they are.

Joe Blythe Associate Secretary 2017-2023

Joe Blythe is a lecturer in linguistics at Macquarie University with a research focus on Murrinhpatha, Gija, and Jaru. He explores the linguistic structure and social action, and what these relationships reveal about social cognition and culture.

Joshua Butler Postgraduate Representative
2019 - 2023

Joshua Butler is a PhD Candidate at La Trobe University. His primary research is on the historical linguistics of the Celtic languages, particularly Middle Cornish. His work also focuses on the digitisation of historical documents and their accessibility.

Joshua Butler
Jaky Troy

Jakelin Troy Associate Secretary 2020 to 2023

Professor Jakelin Troy leads the Sydney Indigenous Research Hub. She is Ngarigu of the Snowy Mountains in South Eastern Australia. She is Director, Indigenous Research within the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Portfolio and an academic in the Department of Linguistics at Sydney. 

Jean Mulder Journal Editor 2018-2023

Jean Mulder holds an honorary position in linguistics at the University of Melbourne and specialises in discourse studies and pragmatics in Australian English, Ganalbingu, and Tsimshian.

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