Committee Members

Ilana Mushin President 2018-2020

Ilana Mushin is Associate Professor at the University of Queensland, specialising in pragmatics, typology, and interactional linguistics in Australian Aboriginal languages, especially Garrwa. She has also recently worked on early years classroom interaction and on Queensland varieties of Aboriginal English.

Lauren Gawne Vice-President 2018-2019

Lauren Gawne is a David Myers Research Fellow at La Trobe University and her research focuses on evidentiality and gesture in Tibeto-Burman languages. She runs the Lingthusiasm podcast and the Superlinguo blog.

Bill Palmer Vice-President 2012-2020

Bill Palmer is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Newcastle and his research expertise includes linguistic typology, syntax, spatial cognition, and the Austronesian and non-Austronesian languages of the Pacific and New Guinea.

Alice Gaby Vice-President 2018-2020

Alice Gaby teaches linguistics at Monash University. Her research explores semantic and structural typology, the relationship between language, culture and cognition, and the documentation and description of Australian Indigenous, including linguist-community partnerships in language research, repatriation and revitalisation.

Caroline Jones Secretary 2017-2019

Caroline Jones is an Associate Professor at Western Sydney University. Her research focuses on language documentation (especially in north Australian Kriol), language revitalisation, and language learning in children.

Joe Blythe Associate Secretary 2017-2019

Joe Blythe is a lecturer in linguistics at Macquarie University with a research focus on Murrinhpatha, Gija, and Jaru. He explores the linguistic structure and social action, and what these relationships reveal about social cognition and culture.

Robert Mailhammer Associate Secretary 2017-2019

Robert Mailhammer is Associate Professor at Western Sydney University with an interest in historical linguistics, language documentation, phonetics, phonology, and morphology. His focus are the Germanic and Australian languages.

Mark Harvey Treasurer 2017-2019

Mark Harvey is an Associate Professor at the University of Newcastle. He works in the Darwin region, and his research interests include the structure of Australian languages, historical relationships among Australian languages, and systems of kinship and land tenure.

Daniel Krauße Postgraduate Representative

Daniel Krauße is a PhD Candidate at the University of Newcastle with a dissertation on complex predicates in Australian and Oceanic languages. His research interests include dialect studies and historical linguistics of Mainland and Insular Southeast Asia.

Keith Allan Journal Editor 2006 to 2020

Keith Allan is Emeritus Professor of Linguistics at Monash University and Honorary Associate Professor at the University of Queensland. His research interests are aspects of meaning, and the history and philosophy of linguistics.

Jean Mulder Journal Editor 2018-2023

Jean Mulder holds an honorary position in linguistics at the University of Melbourne and specialises in discourse studies and pragmatics in Australian English, Ganalbingu, and Tsimshian.

Alan Libert Journal (Reviews) Editor
since 2002

Alan Libert is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Newcastle focusing on morphosyntax and the comparison of natural and artificial languages.

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